White Balance

I learned that when adjusting white balance there are semi-automatic and automatic modes on the camera that will help with adjustment. Like there is Auto, Tungsten, Fluorescent, and more. Auto mode makes a guess on a “shot by shot basis”. Tungsten is used indoors and just cools down the colors that are in the photos. Fluorescent will warm up your photos. You can tell your camera what the white looks like in the shot so that it has a reference point. One way you can do that is by holding up a piece of paper to the camera. Once you find these modes and learn how to adjust the white balance it will get easier over tme.

Potrait Tips

  1. Keep the sun behind your subject
  2. Look for light patches so you caan put your subject in it
  3. Understand the characters of light
  4. Pay attention to any vibrant or bright spots on your background
  5. Have the will to experiment with natural lighting
  6. Pay attention to how the atmosphere will change with the light while shooting
  7. Get to your location at an earlier time
  8. Keep things simple and work with the light.
  9. Try to shoot raw and fix things later
  10. Use a diffuser


1/30 sec. f/5.6 75mm 1600 ISO
1/30 sec. f/5.6 75mm 1600 ISO
1/30 sec. f/5.6 75mm 1600 ISO
1/30 sec. f/5.6 80mm 1600 ISO
1/30 sec. f/5.6 80mm 1600 ISO
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Framing Composition

1/500 sec. f/5.6 55mm ISO 800
1/500 sec. f/5.6 55mm ISO 6400
  1. The camera metering mode that I used is manual because I thought it would be the best mode to use for me to take photos.
  2. I have a strong composition because of the contrast between the colors and framing of the subject.
  3. I think I edited them pretty good and didn’t add too much to the photos.
  4. What I would do differently is maybe change the setting of where I took the pictures because there are many other places around the school that I could have used to show framing.
  5. I really don’t know if it belongs on the blog or not because I think it’s good but at the same time there are other people who could have better. I don’t think my photo should be consider the best of all but maybe one of the best instead.

All About me

I chose this background because I love the 90s theme it had and the different colors as well. I put the bratz in here because bratz the shows, movies, and dolls were a part of my childhood growing up. I just loved their style and everything when I was younger. I put rugrats in here because when I was young, I loved watching it and even now I still love it. It’s a good show to me and the little kids are really entertaining to watch go on adventures and stuff. I put HBCUs because I really want too attended one or maybe more for college especially since I will be taught so much more about my culture and have a lot of fun with people who can relate to me. 
I put in American horror story because I really like that show with all the different stories and stuff that happened in each season was crazy and overall great. I put BTS in there because I love their music and they just seem like just a great group especially with all the content they give out. I put sweet home here because that show is one of my top favorites on Netflix right now. It literally is so good, and I loved watching the adversity and sacrifices each character had made to make sure the others were safe and away from the weird monsters. I put in Aaliyah, TLC, and destiny’s child because they were a part of the y2k style that I love a lot. They are all super talented.
   I put Friday and Sister Sister in this collage because both the movie and the show are really good to me as well. Just watching them both have me dying if laughter every time. I put the crystal in there because I am trying to get into crystals like amethyst, aventurine, carnelian, and more. I put the crawfish, beignets, and soul food in there because some of it is part of my culture. Especially since my mom’s side of the family is from Louisiana. I also just love the taste of the food, it’s so good and may be a lot of work to cook but it’s still super good.

Caputuring Action and motion

What I learned is that about motion blur is to slow down the shutter speed. Then to keep your camera stable since it is a slower shutter speed you to be still while taking the picture. There is also using a smaller shutter speed as well because there would be less light to come in. You can decrease the ISO to prevent overexposure.

What I learned to capture action is having the right settings. There is also picking a spot to get the right angles. Having focus modes to have the best point to shoot your photo. Then also there is timing so you can get a good photo of the sport.

Action and Motion

1/4 sec. f/18 33mm ISO 400
1/4 sec. f/29 33mm ISO 400
1/100 sec. f/18 30mm ISO 400
1/100 sec. f/22 30mm ISO 400
What I think this action sharp photo is for aperture it is f8, shutter speed is 1/500 sec., and for lens it’s 40mm
For this motion picture I think it is for aperture f5.6, shutter is 1/4 sec., and lens is 8mm.

File Formats

JPEG It is used as a default and can loose alot of detail and quality in the photo.

TIFF can manipulate photas and can print from the greatest quality in large sizes.

RAW can have the highest quality and there are exstensive options.

DNG can use image process software and it needs a longer time to make the files to DNG.

PNG makes good quality photos but the quality isn’t too good for when wanting to print your photo in any size.

GIF with small files can work best with it but there is limit in colors which isn’t best for photos.

BMP is best for printing out your photos and when downloading files that are large they need a lot of storage.

PSD can manipulate the photo in layers extensively and can be saved as other formats.