Raw Vs. Jpeg

1. Explain the main differences between a raw and jpeg file.

The difference between raw and jpeg is that when it comes to raw they are way bigger in file size than jpeg. With raw takes a longer time to be processed when in jpeg it is already processed.

2. Which file is bigger RAW or Jpeg?

Raw is the bigger file

3. Can you change a Raw file to a Jpeg, once your photos are the computer? How?

yes you can change your raw file into a jpeg which is by letting the raw file process first which takes a long time and then convert.

4. If you were shooting an important event would you shoot it RAW or Jpeg? Explain.

I think I would shoot jpeg just because jpeg would take less time with processing and not always will there be time to process a big file like raw. So I think that jpeg is more convenient than a raw file.

100 Most Influential

Neil Leifer and the story behind this is that Muhammad Ali taking the title from Sonny listen after winning the bowing match.
John Dominis and the story behind this is that the two players Tommie Smith and John Carlos wanted to show that there were wrong doings being made in the world and the illusion that everything was great was false.
Richard Avedon and the story behind this is that the model Dovima and the fashoin photographer decided to take a picture at the circus in Paris.

Masters Of Photography

The person I chose is Ansel Adams. The reason I chose him was because his photos were beautiful and I like landscape photographs as well. I also like that his photos were in black and white because it shows how different each landscape is. From the mountains to the grass.

Ansel Adam created the Zone system. Which is when a photographer can manipulate with the inner tones of their photo. This was pretty cool to ma since being able to manipulate your photos can add a lot of different things to it so that it grabs a viewers attention.

Ansel Adams and his work is really beautiful. Everything in his work can pull you in and want to look at it for a while. Adams had real talent.